Nowadays, in public use buildings, lifts for the disabled are one of the requirements for approving a building for operation. These are primarily all kinds of elevators and mobile platforms designed to facilitate the movement of disabled people in hard-to-reach places. However, in order to carry out maintenance and repair work for movable landings and other lifts for disabled people, you must first have the appropriate permits.

Authorizations to work as a conservator of devices for the disabled

Mobile platforms and lifts for the disabled are part of a wider group of machines known as Handling Equipment. This is a wider group, which also includes devices such as overhead cranes, mobile cranes and telescopic loaders. In Poland, they qualify as equipment subject to technical inspection. This means that for the maintenance and repair of equipment for disabled people, you must complete an appropriate vocational course and obtain a permit issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.

The course in the maintenance of material handling equipment, in addition to lifts and other devices for the disabled, also provides the right to maintain and install many other devices for handling, such as cranes, cranes and mobile platforms. The wide range of qualifications gained by completing this one course makes it a popular choice among candidates willing to expand their professional competences with new qualification benefits.

Permits obtained during the course of the maintenance of handling equipment are valid for five years. After this period, it is necessary to retake the examination before the UDT commission and obtain a positive result.

Who can sign up for the course of material handling equipment

The course for the operator of material handling equipment requires candidates to have previous qualifications to work with devices under technical supervision. Anyone willing to expand their competences with qualifications to work as a conservator of material handling equipment must meet two basic conditions:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Education at least basic

How long does the training for a conservator of material handling equipment last?

The course consists of two parts - theoretical and practical, and the final exam. Depending on the level of experience, it may last from several days to several hours. For people renewing only their professional benefits, many companies offer one-day express courses with an exam taking place on the same day.