Torch cutting Not every person is aware of the fact that oxygen cutting has been in use for 100 years and is not likely to leave us any time soon. Oxygen cutting technology works very well for cutting very thick steel - over 35mm (hand torch). Oxyfuel cutting is one of the most popular methods of separating metals, especially when it comes to low-alloy and low-carbon steel. Oxy-acetylene cutting allows very high temperatures to be reached quickly, but for reasons of economy, propane-oxygen cutting is more economical.

Application of the acetylon-oxygen torch

The oxy-acetylene torch is used not only in large companies, but also in workshops or small businesses . It is the basis for all work in the field, cutting machining and welding of various metal alloys. It is usually used wherever precision is required. Thanks to its size, the oxy-acetylene torch has relatively low running costs. It is used in a great many places: in home workshops or industrial, construction and other companies.

Plasma torch cutting

Plasma torch cutting involves melting metal and blasting it out of the cutting slot, using a plasma arc.The material melts locally, at temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Celsius. During the process of plasma cutting a sheet of metal, the material is processed, melts and is then blown into the slot. Plasma cutting is used for electrically conductive materials, most commonly black steel, stainless steel and aluminium are cut with plasma. In the case of dirty surfaces - no prior cleaning is required. Plasma can be used to cut sheet metal, sections, pipes or meshes.

Our ERGON course

Our ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement invited courses in forklift operation, fibre-optic welding or acetylene-oxygen, plasma and electric torch cutting, among others. We are a centre with extensive experience in educational services. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you pass the exam and prepare you for cutting jobs. Our course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. During the practical sessions, our instructors will familiarise participants with the operation of the equipment and show them which mistakes to avoid.

Torch cutting

Requirements for the candidate:

  • Completion of 18 years of age
  • Possession of at least basic education
  • No health contraindications

Purpose of the course

Gain skills in acetylon-oxygen, plasma and electric torch cutting. After passing the final examination, the participant receives the relevant course completion certificate and qualification certificate

Learning outcomes:

  • Learning the key principles of torch cutting equipment,
  • Carrying out torch cutting correctly,
  • To learn the most important health and safety messages,
  • Evaluation of the quality of the cut and the surface after torch cutting

Course programme

  • Metal cutting technology,
  • Health, safety and accident prevention rules,
  • Quality requirements of the cut surface,
  • Gas flame control,
  • Oxy-acetylene burner construction,
  • Reducers and pressure gauges,
  • Cylinders for technical gases,
  • Technical gases used for cutting,
  • Fundamentals of materials science,
  • Gas burner operation,
  • Sheet metal bevelling,
  • Cutting of steel profiles and pipes,
  • Burning of holes
  • Circular cutting


The training course concludes with a practical and theoretical examination and the issue of a course completion certificate - oxy-acetylene, plasma and electric cutting. The participant receives a certificate which is valid for three years. The certificate entitles the holder to operate hand cutting devices using acetylene-oxygen, plasma and electric cutting torches in Poland and other European countries.


Price is dependent on the number of participants in our classes. We have very good prices and also run closed training courses for larger groups - in which case we agree the training location individually with the client.

Where to find us

In addition to our main branch in Warsaw, we have branches in many regions of Poland. We have prepared attractive discounts for organised groups. Contact usfor details!