The decision between buying and renting construction machinery is one of the first decisions a company has to make before starting construction work. Construction machinery is usually expensive, specialized equipment, the maintenance or operation of which requires not only appropriate permits, but also may involve significant expenses. So before you decide to undertake construction work, it is worth asking yourself a question first - will you need to buy equipment, or is it enough to rent it?


construction machineryMachines such as CAT or JCB excavators are the basic element of modern construction. Due to their diverse design, excavators can perform a number of different tasks. For this reason, they are very useful for all construction works.

Unfortunately, they are also very high price. Prices for new excavators, depending on their construction and purpose, can range from several dozen to even several hundred thousand zlotys. As you can see, this is a serious investment that many smaller companies could not afford. So when is it worth considering buying your own excavator?

First of all, it depends on the frequency of operation. If it is only to be periodic work or a single order, renting an excavator is a much better idea. It is also worth remembering about potential damage. In the case of your own equipment, you have to cover the repair costs yourself. In the case of renting, companies usually replace the damaged equipment with a new one without additional payment.


excavator and roller

Rollers are construction machines designed to compact the ground during earthworks or on a construction site. Therefore, battles can be encountered in a variety of circumstances.

In terms of price, rollers can be much more expensive than excavators. Depending on the size and type of the machine, the price of a new roller can reach up to half a million zlotys. This is, as you can see, a very serious investment. However, it is worth considering if the roller is to be used regularly for work. Roller rental prices correspond to the purchase price, which means that in the long run, renting a roller is a much less profitable option than buying it. Therefore, people who deal with, for example, the construction of houses, will want to own the roller.

However, if the roller is to be used for shorter jobs, such as the maintenance of flat surfaces or lawns, it is worth considering renting. In the case of such works, the rental of the roller would be associated with significant savings.


Scaffolding, like an excavator, is a basic element of work on a construction site and not only. Scaffolding is used wherever long-term work requires workers to access high places.

The use of scaffolding makes sense where work will last for a longer period of time. For shorter jobs, rather different machines such as telescopic booms are used. So when to buy and when to rent scaffolding?

First of all, buying your own scaffolding involves costs much lower than in the case of machines such as excavators or rollers. This may be a motivation in choosing, but it is worth considering carefully. A common situation is that the scaffolding bought for work simply stays in the warehouse for 'better days' (which, by the way, exposes workers to accidents at work - unmaintained, old scaffolding is dangerous). If the scaffolding will not be erected and operated regularly, it is much better to rent it from an appropriate company.