illustrations with different types of compressors with caption

COMPRESSOR - an energy machine whose task is to increase the gas pressure or force its flow (imparting kinetic energy).

Compressors are widely used in many industries, such as:

  • industry (drive for various types of tools, e.g. pneumatic wrenches, drills, hammers),
  • transport of loose materials,
  • work in the household - e.g. a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

The above information indicates that without compressors our daily functioning would be exceptionallydifficult. Their functionality has caused a huge demand, which has translated into newer and newer improvements. Below we present a unique, because simplified diagram of the division of compressors:



· Fans.

NUMBER OF STEPSSingle-stage,

· Two-stage.

MOBILITYTransportable compressors,

· Stationary compressors.

DRIVE TYPEElectric compressors,

· Manual compressors.


· air compressor.


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