photo of the container handling deviceContainer handling devices are specialized devices widely used in various branches of industry. Nowadays, container handling equipment can be seen in almost every port or terminal that deals with container transportation. They make it possible to quickly and safely transport containers between warehouse and sweat, or between external transport and warehouse. When designing, two types of quays can be distinguished: bulk or general cargo quay and container quay. Presently, along with the increase in the use of containers in transport, groupage reloading is less and less used. Among the devices for handling containers, we can distinguish: port cranes - rail-mounted, self-propelled, floating; gantry cranes for stacking containers - on rails, on rubber wheels, automatic; offshore container cranes; heavy forklifts; lifting carts - for manipulating empty or full containers; shuttling gantry trucks - stacking or quick transport; transport carts - automatic transport carts with lifting and automatic transport carts. The choice of the device largely depends on the demand.

The Kalmar company

Kalmar, dealing in the production of container handling devices, is one of the leading companies on the market. It is a Finnish company that cares about nature in a special way. For this reason, the machines it offers allow you to reduce the amount of fuel consumed, which has a positive impact on the environment, and at the same time reduces fuel costs. Kalmar is an international company that mainly produces forklifts. They offer equipment with a capacity of 5 to 52 tons and electric trucks with a load capacity of 5 to 9 tons. The offer also includes other types of equipment, such as: reach trucks, container and shore cranes, container trucks, lifts, trolleys for use in difficult terrain. The Kalmar company also offers other services such as: crane repairs, consultations, technical support and machine relocation.

Reachstacker, what is it?

The Reachstacker is a container handling forklift designed to handle all types of containers, including refrigerated containers. They can handle containers and trailers, as well as loading and unloading, in a wide variety of environments, from harbors to heavy industry. Long wheelbase reachestackers are used to load containers directly onto the quay vessel. The main characteristics of reach forklifts are lifting capacity, the number of levels on which the containers are placed, the operating weight and the wheelbase. Secondary parameters are the materials: engine, power, gearbox, tires, etc. Reachstacker is basically a kind of crane. The mast is not a load frame, as in the case of an ordinary forklift, but a telescopic boom to which a special container gripper - a container spreader - is attached. We can distinguish two types of reachstackers - to handle full and empty containers. There are also modifications - multistackers equipped with special types of spreaders, extending the use of reachstackers in cargo terminals. Its advantages over other types of lifting equipment are only visible with a high rotation of containers in ports and terminals with a high transit load, as the containers are delivered by several means of transport.